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Creating a sophisticated website these days requires a host of advanced skills and technologies: AJAX, XML, XHTML, PHP, CSS3, JQuery, HTML5, and Javascript to name just a few. At IX, we've been using these technologies behind the scenes on behalf of our clients for years, and we are committed to keeping our client's websites at the forefront of technology.

In addition to standard web development we also specialize in the following:


These days almost anyone with a computer can put up a website. But what separates the best from the rest is a cutting-edge, professional and eye-catching visual design. Design is one of our strong points at IX, and our creative director will work closely with you to ensure that you get more than just a website - you get a work of art.

Database Integration

Integrating a website with a mySQL database is one of the most powerful tools available today on the internet. The ability to dynamically create website content by retrieving information from a database allows you to keep your website continually up-to-date and fresh, without the need to hire a programmer to update the pages on a regular basis.

We have created countless database-integrated websites for our clients; from websites where 90% or more of the pages are dynamically delivered, to sites where only an online store or a calendar are database-driven. Whatever your individual needs are, we can customize our content management software to suit and give you the ability to control the flow of information to your end-users.


Implementing commerce on your website, complete with digital certificates, processing, merchant accounts and shopping cart technology, sounds like a difficult process; but we're here to walk you through it. Whether you want to integrate with an online service such as Paypal or prefer to have us customize the advanced commerce software we've already written, our programmers stand ready to help find the solution that's most cost-effective for your business. And don't worry - we've integrated electronic commerce so many times before, we think it's a piece of cake!

Content Management

Whether you prefer to use a 3rd party CMS or need a robust custom one, IX can handle the job. We have developed some of the most intricate content management systems ourselves, from scratch, and are able to customize that software to each client's individual needs. From customer management to product and inventory control to sales and marketing reports to website content delivery - our content management systems can flex to suit whatever unique needs you might require, whether small or large.

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